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Information for All Programs Offered

Yearly Programs

10 Month Dance Programs (Sept – June). Recreational Dance Programs ages 3 and up, with Competitive Dance Programs ages 5 and up are available in Acrodance, Acro Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, GLEE, Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap. We offer 10 month programs at our Main Studio Location, 348 Bronte St South, Unit 9, 10. (Price chart listed below).  Programs begin in September and continue to June.  Our year – end show in June is a highlight for both Students and Parents!

Yearly & 8 Week Programs IN PERSON Registration Dates for 2019-2020


10:00am-12:00pm – Returning Families and

12:00-1:00pm – Competitive Families

Returning & New Families

6:00-8:00pm- June 25 & 27, July 3,17, 31, Aug 14, 21, Sept 3, 4

10:00am-12:00pm- Saturday September 7

5:00-7:00pm – Monday to Thursday (September 9-September 26)

9:00-9:30am- Saturdays (September 14- September 28)


Online Registration begins July 1, 2019


2018-2019 Dance Programs:

30 minute classes:  $31.86 + hst (per month)
45 minute classes:  $38.50 + hst (per month)
1 hour classes:  $53.10 + hst (per month)

Online registration fee of $20.00 per student (non refundable) for yearly programs. Recital costume deposit $70.00 per class per student (non refundable after November 1, 2018).
Students are placed in classes according to age, ability & experience. Studios are equipped with TV monitors to allow parent viewing.


For scheduling information click here.

8 Week Programs

8 Week Dance Programs 2018 – 2019:

Registration available In Person or Online (please email or call regarding availability-limited spaces available online). or call 905 466 3391.

8 Week Dance Schedule posted under “Scheduling”

Spring: March 22 to May 25, 2019  *No classes on  Fri April 19 & Sat April 20  AND  Fri May 3 & Sat May 4.

Summer: July 2-Aug 22, 2019 (Online registration begins March 1, 2019) Schedule available.

30 Minute Classes ($70.00+ HST).  $5.00 Registration fee per student/per 8 week session.


Click here for adult programs.


Ages 3-4

Tiny Tutu’s

30 Minutes

Introduce your little one to the wonderful world of dance. Our themed dance classes are a combination of ballet and jazz, teaching graceful arms, ballet fingers, marching, skipping and galloping. With combination movements and many other introductory dance moves and positions to improve co-ordination, movement, rhythm and learn how to dance to music in a fun atmosphere. Class Attire: Girls-Bunny Hop Ballet Slippers, Ballet Pink Tights and Bodysuit. Hair in Bun/Ponytail. Boys-T-Shirt, Black Track Pants, Black Ballet Slippers

Tumble Tots (Gymnastics & Dance)

30 Minutes 3-4 Year Olds

Time to tumble and dance! Dancers will learn the basic acrobatic moves, poses and stretches and acrobatic maneuvers such as tabletop stance, bridges, somersaults and many other introductory acrobatic moves and positions that are both fun and challenging! This program will also introduce dancers to basic jazz moves consisting of jazz runs, step touches, kicks, gallops etc, and has been a big hit with students over the years. Class Attire: Girls: Pink bodysuit, Capri’s or convertible tights. Hair in low ponytail. Boys: T-Shirt, Shorts or Track Pants Bare Feet

Boys Tumbling Classes: introduce boys ages 3-4 to beginner gymnastic tumbling, acrobatic tricks and maneuvers, increasing their strength and flexibility. This class includes a variety of basic movements, including somersaults, tabletops, bridges, wall handstands, while working on progression and having fun!

Ages 5-12

Acrodance (5 Yrs+) & Acro HipHop (7 Yrs+) (Gymnastics & Dance)

45 – 60 Minutes

Our gymnastics based dance class combines dance and tumbling, improving flexibility, co-ordination, agility, rhythm, body awareness and confidence. Proper stretching techniques, stationary acrobatic positions, acrobatic exercises performed in solo or partners, along with progressive acrobatic tricks and dance moves are taught according to age, level and experience. Acro classes are designed for all levels of abilities for both girls and boys. Class attire: Black bodysuit, capri’s or convertible tights, hair in low ponytail. Boys – T-shirt, shorts, track pants and bare feet.

Boys Gymnastic Tumbling/Acrobatic Class – 30 minutes of tumbling, acrobatic maneuvers, increasing the flexibility and strength to progress! Students begin with the basics, and work on progression, working on a variety of somersaults, bridges, and tumbling exercises. Boys- Tshirt, shorts, track pants and bare feet.


30 – 45 Minutes Ages 10 & Up

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Students are taught proper placement, technique and discipline, developing strength, flexibility, posture, grace and body awareness. All class content, including progression work, bare centre exercises are based on age, level and experience. Class Attire: black bodysuit, pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair in Bun.
Ballet/Jazz Combination Class – 45 Minute Class:  Students interested in learning the proper technique, exercises and progression of ballet and jazz technique, including bare centre exercises. Dance Attire: Black bodysuit, convertible pink ballet tights and canvas ballet half shoes, hair in bun.

Contemporary Classes – 45 Minute Classes: Students will learn to utilize both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance lines and choreography. This program offers a mixture of Ballet and Modern Dance forms.


Glee (Sing/Dance/Perform)

45 Minutes

Our  program will give students the opportunity to perform, sing and dance. Students will receive guided instruction from our professional instructor. Students will spend 20 minutes focusing on a vocals, working on the song to perform with their dance routine. The 25 minute dance instruction will provide students with a variety of dance styles focusing on a selection of stylized moves to perform in their Glee production. Class Attire: Black Bodysuit, beige tights and beige jazz shoes. Hair in Ponytail. Boys-T shirt, black track pants and black jazz shoes.

Hip Hop and Breakdance Classes

30 – 45 Minutes

Come Join the Fun!!! The latest moves, combinations and music combine endless creative moves and street styles. Students learn how to create stylized combinations dancing to Hip Hop and Street Music. Students gain confidence and body awareness in this creative upbeat class! Great for all levels! Class Attire: Girls and Boys – any color top, workout pants and indoor running shoes.

Boys Hip Hop/Breakdance Class: Students ages 10+ will learn the latest hip hop moves and combinations, working on a variety of break dance moves, and combining the hip hop with the breakdance! Great class for boys interested in a fun challenging class! Class Attire: T-Shirt, workout pants and indoor runners.


30 – 45 Minutes

Jazz is one the fundamental forms of dance, with upbeat moves and music! Dancing to the latest music, classes are taught according to age and ability. Students are taught current and traditional jazz moves, proper stretching, positions and technique progressing throughout the years. This class teaches them body awareness, rhythm, improving co-ordination and self esteem. Boys &Girls benefit from the elements of this class. Class Attire: Black bodysuit, beige tights and beige jazz shoes. Hair in pony. Boys: T-Shirt, Black track pants and black jazz shoes.


30 – 45 Minutes

Sounds and rhythms come together to create this fun form of dance. Students learn proper tap steps and combinations to create sounds with their feet making it an exciting class! Dancers can greatly improve co-ordination and musicality by recreating sounds & beats with their feet. Tap is an extension of jazz, and it is recommended students take Jazz and Tap to develop upper and lower body movements.
Class Attire: Black bodysuit, black tights and black tap shoes. Hair in Ponytail. Boys: T Shirt and Black tap shoes.

Combination Classes

– We offer a variety of combination classes for Dancers.
Ballet/Jazz combines all the elements of both dance forms for students to develop a strong understanding of each syllabus.
Ballet/Jazz/Tap combines both Ballet and Jazz dance forms according to age, level and ability. Tap is an extension of Jazz and will be taught using the same techniques as our regular Tap class, allowing students the opportunity to experience all dance forms. Dancers may perform only one syllabus in the recital dance. Dance Attire: black bodysuit, beige tights, ballet and tap shoes.

Ages 3-4

Tumble Tots

Friday 5:30-6:00 PM

Our class will introduce 3/4 year olds to basic gymnastic tumbling and acrobatic maneuvers, combined with dance moves for a fun active class!!! Somersaults, bridges, crayon rolls, table top stands and so much more to learn. Students will be taught a short routine to perform to parents on last day of session! Attire: Bodysuit and footless tights/capri/shorts, or t-shirt & shorts. Hair in low pony, and bare feet.

Tiny Tutus

Friday 5:15-5:45  AND  Friday 5:45-6:15 pm  AND Saturday 9:00-9:30am

Dancers love dancing to princess, fairy and their favourite music while performing a wide variety of dance moves including gallops, marches, skipping in the tiny tutu ballet and jazz dance class!  Dancers will be taught dance positions and combinations,  and learn a routine to perform. Attire: Pink bodysuit, pink ballet tights and ballet/gymnastic shoes. Hair in pony or bun.

Ages 5-12


Friday 6:15-6:45 PM and 7:15-7:45 PM Ages 5-8

Our gymnastic and dance combination class is one of our more popular programs teaching dancers a variety of gymnastic and tumbling moves, incorporating jazz dance moves and combinations to make this for a fun dance program for all levels! Attire: bodysuit, bare feet and hair in low ponytail.


Primary Ballet/Jazz

Friday 6:45-7:15 PM Ages 5-8

This combination ballet and jazz dance program is available for all levels! Dancers learn the jazz and ballet dance positions, dance steps and dance terminology based on level and age, while performing the required dance steps in both jazz and ballet based on age, level and ability! Attire: Black bodysuit, ballet tights and ballet/gymnastic shoes, hair in ponytail or bun.

Jazz/ HipHop

Friday 7:15-7:45 PM Ages 7 & Up

Does your child love the latest music and is interested in learning the latest steps in HipHop? This is the class for them! A popular variety of hip hop moves that makes everyone excited to perform. Attire: capri’s or stretch pants, t-shirt, indoor running shoes and hair on ponytail.

2019 Summer Full Day/ Half Day Camps (July 8-12) and (Aug 12-16)

Come spend a fun, fitness filled week with us! Performances, all forms of dance, crafts and much more! Online registration begins March 1, 2019.  Early registration is available via email at Extended care available. Ages 5 -10. No dance experience required. Friday is “Showtime” at 3:45!!!

Full Day:  9:00am-4:00pm – $200+hst per week

Half Day: 9:00-12:00 OR 1:00-4:00pm – $100+hst per week

9:00-12:00: Acrodance & Ballet

12:00-1:00pm Lunch (Students provide own lunch, drink & snacks)

1:00-4:00pm Jazz/Hip Hop & Glee

Dance Camp attire: Dance wear or T-shirt/ shorts. Bare feet/socks or dance shoes.

Before & after care available. Email

Note: we are peanut free facility


Ages 3-4

Tumble & Dance – (Wednesday 5:30-6:00pm)

30 Minutes 3/4 Year Olds

Learn the basic gymnastic moves in tumbling including various somersaults, tabletop, cartwheels etc. Jazz moves and combinations give dancers a fun combination class dancing to their favorite Disney music! Dance Attire: Bodysuit or shorts/t shirt, bare feet, hair in low ponytail.

Tiny Tutus (Fairy & Princess) Ballet/Jazz (Wed 6:00-6:30pm)

30 Minutes 3/4 Year Olds

Fairy wings, crowns, scarves with fairy & princess  music are all apart of this fun based class! Dancers perform ballet walks, runs, ballet positions, gallops & so much more!! while using their imaginations to perform basic dance moves. Classes encourage imaginations, co-ordination, fun, discipline, sharing & basic dance technique. Dance Attire: bodysuit (or similar), socks/tights, ballet/gymnastic shoes.

Ages 5 and Up

Acro Dance – (Wednesday 6:30-7:00pm)

30 Minutes  5-8 Year Olds

Classes are based on age/level and ability. Students are taught tumbling techniques, various cartwheels, bridges, somersaults etc,  jazz moves & combinations, making this a fun packed 30 minute class!!! Dance Attire: bodysuit or shorts/capri & t shirt, bare feet, hair in low ponytail.

Ballet/Jazz – (Wednesday 7:00-7:30pm)

30 Minutes  5 – 8 Year Olds

This class is a fun filled class consisting of 30 minutes of ballet and jazz dance moves, combinations and positions! Learning the basic dance steps of the most popular dance moves! In the most popular dance forms. Dance Attire: bodysuit, socks/tights, ballet/gymnastic shoes

Hip Hop with Danny Fernandes!!! – (Thursdays 7:00-7:30pm)

30 Minutes Ages 7 & Up

Students interested in learning the latest hip hop moves, and performing the latest dance moves in the hip hop industry! Bring those moves to the next level!!! Dance Attire: Comfortable clothing, indoor runners